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Enduring Strength, Everlasting Finish

Every Andersen winch is made with the care and craftsmanship that come from more than sixty years of experience. Andersen winches are built to last, to retain their exceptional finish and to deliver season after season of reliable performance and sailing pleasure to their owner through the years. 

Get a grip with ANDERSEN Winches
ANDERSEN Winches are all about Design and Engineering. We believe in setting standards, as this is the only way we can ensure a lifetime of safe sailing for our customers and a future at sea for our products. To achieve this, we employ state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and our staff is dedicated to continuous development. We remain at the cutting edge of winch development by working closely with yachtsmen and sailing professionals to create unique, practical and reliable features.



Andersen winch drums incorporate the distinctive Power Rib™ which ensures a controlled grip on the line at all times, whether trimming or easing. The highly polished stainless steel surface minimizes vertical friction and allows the loaded rope turns to slide easily upward as the drum rotates, without the shuddering and excessive rope wear seen on winches that rely on a rough surface finish for grip.


Stainless steel roller bearings and ball bearings carry the highest drum loads to the center stem of the winch, minimizing efficiency losses due to friction.


The self-tailing arm can be rotated through 360 degrees for optimum positioning (40ST and larger). Stainless steel self-tailing jaws adjust automatically to suit various rope sizes.


Andersen winches are designed for simple, straightforward installation and maintenance.
Servicing is only required every two years or so under normal use.


Andersen Stainless Steel Winches are supplied standard with the world renowned hand polished surface finish for years of corrosion free performance, beautiful aesthetics and minimal line wear.

ZT Finish
A surface finish for stainless steel obtained by hand polishing the surface, and then blasting the metal with a finishing media. The ZT finish is often described as “gun metal grey” or “titanium look”.