Langman Ropes

R&W Rope is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Langman Ropes. The Langman rope factory has been in business since 1638. Based out of Holland, the team at Langman still practices the traditional Dutch craftsmanship it has built its business on over the past 384 years to provide its customers with some of the highest quality and highest performance natural and synthetic ropes available. From high performance synthetic hemp used on the Pirates of the Caribbean ships to the best looking hand rail ropes around you can count on Langman.

From the Langman Website:

Old values, new standards
Quality in all facets

Rope factory Langman BV has existed since 1638 and is in the 21st century one of the few rope producers where real Dutch craftsmanship is still practiced. At the same time, you will find the latest twisting , striking and braiding machines in our factory in Nijkerk , which process more than 200,000 meters of yarn and rope every day. It is precisely the combination of centuries-old craftsmanship and the latest production technology that makes us unique. And that translates into the quality that we offer. It has a reason that we export our products all over the world and we provide specialized work for various industries. The quality of rope is determined by the production technique and the combination of yarn types. Each application makes different demands on breaking strength, durability, UV resistance , handiness, floating, diameter, color and appearance of the rope. The developments are fast and the requirements are high. Together with raw material producers and users, our Research and Development department continuously works on new production techniques, combinations of materials and improvements in performance. We test all products extensively on our highly advanced test bench. Langmantouw stands for quality and has a recognizable quality mark. Besides a good product, you can count on expert advice, excellent service and fast delivery