Paracord 95 Type 1
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Length: 100 ft
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Made in the USA
95 Paracord Type 1 Accessory Cord is one of our smallest diameter cords. This lightweight cord that is great for crafting, zipper pulls, knot tying projects, jewelry, tying packages, etc.

Type 1 Paracord is smaller than the 425 tactical paracord and 550 paracord we offer.

Made with 100% Nylon fiber sheath and inner strand making it resistant to rot and mildew and UV damage.

Min. breaking strength of 95 lbs.
Min. elongation 30%
Diameter: Approx. 1/16", 1.75mm
1 twisted inner strand (core yarn)
16/1 sheath structure

Type 1 95 paracord is packaged 100 ft. on a mini spool.